Dr Alister MacKenzie Presentation

A Presentation on Dr Alister MacKenzie, world renowned Golf Course Designer, was held at the Clubhouse in March, delivered by Heritage Committee Chairperson Ger O’ Halloran and President Fergus Hannon. A large number attended this informative  evening, with Club Members and friends and members of other Cork Golf Clubs. The Presentation was followed by a Question and Answer session.


World-renowned golf course architect Alister MacKenzie’s first major engagement in the South of Ireland, in 1924, was at Muskerry Golf Club in County Cork when he presented plans for a course extension from nine holes to 18. 
Dr MacKenzie’s opinion about the 8th hole (now the 6th ) is expressed in his report thus:  “it should make one of the best short holes in existence and will be of a somewhat similar type to the famous Eden hole at St Andrews”.
MacKenzie designed well known Golf Courses in Ireland, Britain, Australia and America, including the famous Augusta National course.

mackenzie presentation

Club President Fergus Hannon addressing the meeting.

mackenzie presentation at muskerry golf club

 Heritage Committee Chairperson Ger O’ Halloran gave an extremely detailed account of Dr MacKenzie, his work at Muskerry and an overview of the MacKenzie designed Courses on 4 Continents, including Ireland, Britain, Australia and United States and Canada, including the famous Augusta National course. MacKenzie’s Course design at Muskerry Golf Club took place in 1924 and was his first Course design in the South of Ireland.

harry connolly

Harry Connolly who played a major role when Muskerry GC joined the Alister MacKenzie Society.

mackenzie photo

Photo of Dr Alister MacKenzie with detailed information, which is on display at the Clubhouse.

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