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Muskerry Celebrates 115 Years

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On Saturday 4 th May 1907, Muskerry Golf Club was formally opened.

An opening day photo from 115 years ago. Golf has continued at Muskerry from 1907 to the present.

opening day 1907

The Muskerry development certainly caught the imagination and The World of Golf magazine of April, 1907 had this to say: “A single golf course for a sporting town like Cork was not keeping up with the times and, we are not surprised that a friendly rival to the Little Island course has arisen. The new course has been laid out under the direction of Dr Anislee Hudson, honorary secretary, and is called the Muskerry Golf Club”.

On May 6th, 1907, the Cork Examiner reported on the opening ceremony in great detail. It stated that “Muskerry Golf Club’s Honorary Secretary Dr Anislie Hudson addressed a large assembly, saying that the committee had been inaugurated some six weeks earlier. He also outlined the aims and objectives of the club.”

On September 17th, 1907, the Cork Examiner reported: “Though the club has only been a short time in existence, it has rapidly become very popular. Each week the membership increases and there is every indication that the club will shortly occupy a very prominent position amongst Southern golfing clubs”.

2022 - Muskerry Celebrates 115 Years

Happy 115 th to Muskerry Golf Club.
115 years at the same venue, with a considerable landbank of great golfing land,
 2 Courses, the MacKenzie Course, named after by world renowned Dr Alister MacKenzie, who redesigned the Course in 1924.
And the Bruen Course, named after the great Irish Golfer James Bruen, who began his golf career at Muskerry. 
 A fine Clubhouse, serving local food and beverages, and featuring the Bruen Corner.
Committed Staff, with the famous Muskerry hospitality.
Great Professional & Pro Shop & Golf Academy,
and over 850 members of all categories.
Onwards & upwards
Muskerry Golf Club
Happy 115 th
Muskerry Abu.
We have lots more to celebrate in the coming years.

celebrating 115 years

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